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Lara's Lovelies Studio
Handmade Holiday Ornaments and Decorations in Summerfield, Florida


     I am Laura Borer, owner of Lara's Lovelies. I had a shop in Lakeport in the 1990s and closed the shop to build a new home and help my husband with his business venture. I really missed the art process. In 2009, Marcelle Rollinger opened her studio/store (Creative Celebration) near my home in Lakeport. Marcie teaches pottery, glass fusion, jewelry making, etc. She wanted to start an artists community and had several spaces available for rent. We became friends and I decided to open a shop/studio space which I unfortunately had to close in May 2011 for economic reasons. I can't thank Marcie enough for inspiring me to work on my art again. My studio and show room were located at my home in Liverpool, NY until June of 2014.; Once again we have had to relocate; this time to Summerfield, Florida - which has forced me to close my studio. But. in the fall of this year (2014) we will once again be selling our items online.

I am buying antique and vintage Christmas and Holiday items. If you are interested in selling please contact me!


A special thank you to all my customers for all your support - without you - my dream of being an artist wouldn't be possible!


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